Armchair Answercall Telephone Answering

Serving Business Clients Since May 2000

Armchair Motor is a trading style of Armchair Call Handling Limited. Since we answered our first call back in May 2000, Armchair has grown steadily based on the quality telephone services we offer and now handle overflow calls on behalf of over 1,000 businesses, large and small from our UK offices in Andover, Hampshire.

Armchair Motor currently supports over 250 motor dealerships including a large number within the Top 100. We handle in excess of 100,000 inbound and outbound calls every month on behalf of our motor dealership clients.

Armchair Call Handling Limited, Eagle House, Joule Road, West Portway, Andover, Hampshire, SP10 3UX. (Company Reg. No. 07712847)

Armchair Answercall Head Office, Andover, Hampshire

Meet The Team

The senior members of the operational team at Armchair have all been with the company from its early days providing stability and reassurance to our growing numbers of business clients.

Connie Barrow, Operations Director

Connie is responsible for the efficient running of all of Armchair's inbound and outbound call centre services.

This includes all aspects of operational management, client liaison and reporting. Connie also oversees all recruitment and training of new staff.

Having joined Armchair back in 2001, she is passionate about develivering a top quality service to all our clients.

Connie Barrow, Operations Director, Armchair Answercall Call Answering

Sally Stephens, Call Centre Manager

Abby Huckins, Customer Relations Manager

Sally Stephens, Call Centre Manager, Armchair Answercall Call Answering

Sally runs the inbound call centre managing the day to day telephone answering services for a wide variety of business clients.

With over 100,000 client calls handled each month, early until late, 7 days a week, there is a multitude of staff management, rota scheduling, training and other staff functions that Sally handles. She joined Armchair in 2001 so has a wealth of experience dealing with our customers.

Abby, as Customer Relations Manager, is responsible, working with the team leaders and key account managers, for overseeing all aspects of the relationships with our existing customers, ensuring that any new requirements which may arise relating to call answering and messaging, phone diverts, adding new sites or general enquiries are quickly resolved.

Abby joined Armchair in 2002.

Abby Huckins, Customer Relations Manager, Armchair Answercall Call Answering

Alison Bryant, Senior Team Leader

Alison Bryant, Senior Team Leader, Armchair Answercall Call Answering

Ali, as Senior Team Leader, works closely with Sally Stephens, Call Centre Manager, to ensure the smooth running of inbound operations.

With over 1,000 business clients there is a wide range of new requirements each day relating to exactly how we handle customer calls. Ali manages the implementation of a variety of changes needed every day to our own specially designed client handling telephony and software systems. Ali also oversees all client reporting requirements and is heavily involved in staff training and monitoring. She is another long standing member of the Armchair team, having joined in 2001.

Also supporting the inbound call centre management are team leaders Karin Pickersgill, Jules Hannaby-Lee and Hayley Cope. Karin oversees the evening, weekend and bank holiday services.

Telephone Answering Management and Phone Answering Meeting

Elaine Farrington, Finance and Admin Director

Elaine Farrington, Finance and Admin Director, Armchair Answercall Call Answering

Elaine manages the finance and accounting function within the business. Her team handles all customer invoicing and liaison as well as traditional corporate accounting activities. She also oversees the data handling and analysis for a diverse range of outbound clients, ensuring that customer lists and related contact data are correctly loaded on to our calling software and that outcome analysis and reporting is also efficiently produced for customer review.

Elaine is also responsible for the Armchair premises, infrastructure and IT. Working closely with our IT support team she oversees support and maintenance of our telephony, voice recording and call handling software and support for all IT servers and desktop hardware and networking equipment.

Elaine was a founder member of the Armchair start up team in 2000. The senior management are supported by executive directors Gerry Budd, Commercial Director and Duncan Leggat, Group Finance Director.