Armchair Motor’s After Sales Service

Do your service staff have time to contact all your customers in advance to remind them of a service or vehicle heath check event?

Do many of your customers forget when their MOT is due? Is your customer contact data up to date?

Our experience shows that many dealerships’ service and call centre staff fall behind on contacting customers because of pressures of other work. Without follow-up calls, it is left to chance whether a customer will phone to book a service. Letters don't have the same impact as a phone call and cost more in direct costs and staff time.

Armchair Motor's Outbound team can carry out a wide range of customer calls to assist your dealership improve its bottom line:

Service and MOT Bookings

We will consistently and professionally follow up and book your customers into your dealership for their MOT and Service requirements and, where possible, we will get a confirmation or a reason for your own analysis why the service is not being booked.

Vehicle Health Checks

Armchair Motor can run campaigns to follow up Vehicle Health Check events (tyre, brake pads, discs etc) and book customers into the workshop. We can also promote free VHCs and Winter Safety Check services to those customers you wish to target.

Lapsed Customers

We regularly carry out lapsed customer campaigns to try to bring customers back into the dealership. A valuable by-product is a comprehensive data cleanse to get up to date contact information and to avoid wasted future mailing costs.

This service can be valuable when a dealership is taken over or re-branded.

To find out more about our After Sales Services please Contact Us.

TW White & Sons, Surrey

"We have been using Armchair Motor for 3 years now with complete satisfaction. The overflow reception service has proven invaluable, giving us the peace of mind that every call if not captured by us will be answered quickly and professionally by Armchair ensuring the highest level of customer service.

I also have absolute faith that the Outbound calling team will deliver great results no matter what the campaign may be, from service & MOT bookings to specific sales events our customers will be contacted in a friendly and professional manner. All in all Armchair are the complete package and would be an asset to any Dealership"

Amy Patterson, Senior Marketing Executive