Armchair Motor Call Centre Overflow Services        

With our call centre overflow service you’ll never miss a call again. Missed calls can lead to customer dissatisfaction and loss of revenue.  It is well publicised that 80% of new callers won’t bother to call back or even leave a message.At Armchair Motor we answer these calls for you meaning increased customer satisfaction. We have the ability to patch the customer through to the right department / person or take a message which we instantly pass on, either via email or SMS depending on your business needs. This means that you didn’t miss out on the enquiry and can call the customer back when your call centre staff have time.

Up to 20% Fixed Staff Cost Savings in your Call Centre?

At Armchair Motor we understand it can be difficult getting staffing levels right, over staffing means you are paying for their idle time, not enough staff means you could be losing sales. Our expert call centre overflow service solves this problem for you, as we are there to be your extra staff and we only pick up your calls when you need us so you won’t be paying for our idle time! Our services can also be used to cover you during staff holiday times and  we are there to continue picking up your calls if you have staff absences. We work with our clients to understand their needs and can help advise on their optimum staffing levels, meaning on average by using our service you could save 20% of fixed staffing costs.

Extended Office Hours

We also can also extend your office opening hours as our operators work from 8am – 8.30pm Monday – Friday, 9am-5pm Saturday and 10am-5pm on Sunday. Research shows that there has been a 41% increase in calls made outside of normal business hours since 2012. We can also provide a 24/7 service so no matter what time of the day we can always answer your calls.

Don’t miss a sale or an enquiry ever again, contact us to see how we can help your dealership increase its profits.

Examples of how other dealerships use Armchair Motor’s Call Centre Overflow Service

All the four Case Study examples shown below are with Top 100 motor dealerships:

The Optimum use of Armchair Motor Contact Centre Overflow

The call patterns of a typical dealership are unlikely to be steady throughout the day creating a real pressure to answer calls promptly at times and some major inactivity at other times. This graph shows a typical pattern:

Call Volumes by Hour

A dealership will already have decided upon staffing levels in their contact centre to meet their own particular patterns. It is usual to accept that a small number of calls will be missed or will go into a queue, but this is not ideal from a customer standpoint as any missed call could well be missed business. Similarly, increasing staffing levels is not viable as much of the extra resource will encounter idle time.

The graph below shows the impact of a particular staffing level which is intended to answer most calls promptly.

Call Volumes by Hour

If staffing levels were reduced, as shown below, the contact centre is now operating at a staffing level that can cover most of the inbound traffic but where some calls are allowed to divert to Armchair Motor’s service.

The extra variable costs of the Armchair Motor service will be more than offset by the savings in fixed staff costs and other related overheads when an “optimum” staff level is established.

Call Volumes by Hour


Essex Auto Group

"We carried out some research and ultimately engaged with Armchair who not only demonstrated an excellent understanding of our own industry but had also recognised, achieved and maintained high customer satisfaction results.

Armchair is now an integral and important part of our customer service team assisting our staff and departments in obtaining complete satisfaction on our call answering.  Armchair not only provide day to day call overflow back up but also take complete control in the rare event of telephone connectivity failures or reduced staffing." Matt Brown, Marketing Director, Essex Auto Group