Outbound Customer Service Calling Programmes

Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Armchair Motor regularly carries out customer satisfaction calls on behalf of its motor dealership clients.

These can be an essential part of providing a first class service to customers as well as satisfying the requirements of the manufacturers.

Structured Questionnaires

Armchair Motor can structure questionnaires to your specific requirements, which in some cases may take a form which is mandated.

Data Cleansing

Improve Your Marketing Results

In any marketing campaign the quality of the data being used is key. Accurate up to date contact details will maximise its success. We can update your existing records by calling and confirming the details of your customers and the car they are currently driving as well as capturing additional information.

Save on Mailing Costs

A sizeable part of a marketing budget can be wasted if contact details for mailings are incorrect. The data cleanse service, included in any Armchair Motor outbound campaign, can quickly pay for itself in saved costs.

North Oxford BMW

"As an Authorised BMW Dealer, we offer the highest possible standards of service and expertise. We are committed to all of our customers at all times, whether they are dealing with our experienced sales team or with our excellent service department. To manage these standards we employ Armchair Motor Outbound to carry out courtesy calls to all of our customers to ensure we have met their expectations and score 100% satisfaction! Having the reassurance of Armchair Motor Outbound’s professional approach, working quietly in the background to look after our customers, gives us peace of mind and ensures we meet our commitments as an Authorised BMW Dealer." Paul Haines, Service Manager, North Oxford BMW