Reception Overflow Call Answering

Reception and Switchboard Overflow Service

Armchair Motor are experts in providing call answering solutions for your dealership. We have the in-house expertise to act either as your overflow reception service, answering all those calls that would otherwise be missed by your own reception staff, or we can provide you with a complete virtual switchboard service meaning we act on your behalf as your complete reception service.

Reception and Switchboard Services        

Our reception overflow service means that you can keep staffing levels to a minimum and not have to worry about employing extra staff just to cover those peak periods. Dealerships that use Armchair Motor for the first time are often amazed to find out how many calls they have been missing, when we present them with their call analysis reports. 

No More Missed Calls

Missed calls mean customer dissatisfaction and loss of earnings. Armchair Motor’s overflow service aims to boost your bottom line by taking these sales and service calls that may otherwise go unanswered. Research shows that 80% of new customers will not call back or leave a message if they can’t get through on their first attempt. Equally existing customers have so much choice in a highly competitive service and MOT market, that if they can’t get through to book with you they will simply go somewhere else.

Integration with Dealer Management Systems

Our integration with your Dealer Management System   means that we don’t need to pass the call through to you, as we can handle the whole process from the initial call into us to the confirmation of the customers booking, which in turn proves to be a fantastic consumer experience.

Extended Office Hours

If all the above wasn’t enough we can also extend you office hours as our operators work from 8am – 8.30pm Monday – Friday, 9am-5pm Saturday and 10am-5pm on Sunday. Research shows that there has been a 41% increase in calls made outside of normal business hours since 2012. We also have a 24/7 service available so no matter what time of the day we can always answer your calls. 

Don’t miss a call, or a booking again maximise your dealership profits by getting in contact today to see how we can help. 

Overflow Calls by Time of Day *

Automotive Industry Incoming Calls by Time of Day *The above graph shows a typical one month’s overflow calls into Armchair Motor from a busy three branch prestige brand dealership

Calls can be Forwarded or Messages Taken

Your calls will be answered in your own business and branch name and then the caller can be immediately patched through to the requested individual or department just as if your own reception had answered the call. If it is not possible to transfer the call, a message will be taken and immediately emailed or texted to the recipient.

Typical Message Content (sent by either Email or SMS or both):



Peter Cooper Volkswagen, Hampshire and Sussex

Peter Cooper Volkswagen, with 5 sites, is the leading Volkswagen dealership on the South Coast and were well aware that the reception desk at all locations had become increasingly busy. Armchair Motor now provides telephone overflow reception services throughout the dealerships.

"The back-up receptionists at Armchair have become an integral part of the Peter Cooper Volkswagen team."

Darren Cooper, Managing Director