Armchair Motor’s Sales Promotion Service

VIP and Preview Events

Events are a great way to showcase new car model launches or promote special sales campaigns.These events can increase sales leads and turn prospects into customers but maximising attendance is essential to their success.

Follow Up on Invitations

We have considerable experience in maximising attendance at motor VIP events by a programme of targeted telephone calling to follow up on invitations sent and to confirm attendance. We call at different times of day or week to enhance the chances of contacting prospects.

Post Event Feedback

We can also follow up attendees and non shows to improve conversions even further from the event.

Sales Promotions

Armchair Motor also has experience in supporting motor dealerships in special sales promotions to their existing customers and prospects. This will often take the form of a follow up to a mailer offering discounts on new vehicle sales or to promote a new finance package.

Rollover Lease Finance Offers

Outbound customer calling can be very effective in promoting the possibility of advantageous trade-in terms on a lease finance deal to allow the customer to buy a new car for little or no extra costs.

Chrysalis Solmotive, Automotive Software Solutions, West Midlands

"As a provider of high end solutions Chrysalis Solmotive require a partner that mirrors our own corporate values and beliefs. In using Armchair for our outbound campaigns we are confident that the campaign will be managed correctly, with the highest level of professionalism. I would highly recommend Armchair as a valuable asset for any business." Paul Bennett, Sales Director