Call Centre Staff Training

Recruitment, Training and Ongoing Staff Development

The consistently high quality of the Armchair Motor service is dependent on the recruitment, training and ongoing development of our staff. As such we place enormous emphasis on selecting the right staff and focusing heavily on their ongoing development. A pleasant working environment also adds to staff satisfaction and enhances the service provided even more.
Call Centre Initial Training


Armchair Motor’s recruitment process is stringent. An initial interview is carried out over the phone to ensure in the first instance that tonality and pronunciation is excellent. Candidates also have to pass a spelling test before being invited in for a face-to-face interview.

Further tests for spelling, grammar and listening skills are given to ensure that candidates have the foundations to be an excellent receptionist. We carry out a push-pull recruitment process whereby the candidate is asked why they are suitable for the position. A final interview is required to ensure both parties are sure of a perfect fit.

Initial Training

Two weeks of one-on-one training is given to all new joiners, at the end of which the new member of staff has to pass the required levels of call handling to move on to the next stage of their training. Training is also given on those motor dealership systems that staff will use to support customer calls. This is followed by ‘buddying’ for at least a further 3 months to ensure main competencies are achieved and the required quality of call handling are delivered.

Supervision and Quality Monitoring

Quality checking is carried out on all team members on a rolling on-going basis. We use our voice recording system to assist with quality checks and to develop members of the team in competencies and self development.

This ensures good message content, quality and quantity are maintained and ensuring that the client's requirements are met as well as ensuring the caller's experience is excellent. These checks are carried out weekly after the two week training stage to ensure quality is maintained. If necessary further specific training is given.

Recognition and Motivation

Regular recognition is given to Employees of the Month and Year, as well as close team work along with an enjoyable working environment, which Armchair Motor believes is conducive to inspiring and encouraging excellent service standards and quality of call handling.

Dress down days, charity fund raising and staff “get togethers” all help to bond the team and to instil a sense of pride in Armchair Motor and the service we provide to our motor dealership customers.

Call Centre Staff Monitoring